Upstream Art Tales

Some of the characters you will meet in these stories:

Squeaky Toy Robot

Ayatsuri Ningyo Robot


Ayatsuri Ningyo Robot Again

The Chili Dog Truck

The Kidnapper's Pizza Truck

Kashikoi Shujiki

The Strongbones Cycle

Welcome to the world of Strongbones and his many friends.

The stories below are tales told just for my grandson William. But you may find them enjoyable, too.

Here is a new story for Willam, The Solar Hat. This story is a sequel to the Toy Shoppe Witch and tells how Squeaky Toy Robot is kidnapped by a wealthy and powerful roboticist, whose nefarious plan is to reverse engineer the little ayatsuri ningyo robot.

But his friends 3T, Curtis and Kwame solve the mystery of his wherabouts and come to the rescue.

Watch out for Ninja squirrels!

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The Solar Hat And here is the whole story:
Here are the other stories you can listen to: